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'Fellowship of Model Shipwrights'
Becoming a Member

We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends and we have a great time Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause by meeting from time to time

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Members can be of any age,creed, colour or sexual orientation, all we ask is that members will do their best to uphold the general principles of the fellowship and observe the constitution

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues,(7.50. UK ) (10 N.Ireland ) ($20 USA ) (Rest of world, please enquire ) this entitles you to receive the journal, 'CAPTAINS LOG', six times a year, your membership certificate and updates on more. Please contact us for more information and a copy of the application. Overseas members may apply by E-mail or Phone. All membership is subject to receipt of subscriptions.